“Earth Has Shifted” – Inuit Elders Issue Warning to NASA And The World (Video)

Inuit Elders have made a stark warning about the future of the planet.

The Inuits are very intuitive people, and they have an interesting theory on global warming.

Using the intuition the are blessed with, Inuits have always been excellent at predicting the weather, as historically their lives have depended upon getting it right.

The have claimed that the recent global warming crisis is not down to man-made problems, but due to the fact that Earth has ‘shifted’ slightly.

Observing the skies closely, they say that the Earth has ‘wobbled’ slightly, and that it has made the world slightly unbalanced.

The Inuit elders have made their warning to NASA, in the hope that the problem can be better identified and understood.

They say that due to this new shift, the sun rises in a slightly different position to where it used to, that it is higher, and therefore hotter in the sky, leading to the global warming crisis.

They say that there is now more hours of sunlight during the day, they can tell this from the increased hours they now have to hunt, and that the position of the sun, the moon and stars are now slightly different to what they once were.

According to the Inuit elders, it is now harder for them to predict the weather, causing havoc with their routines and lifestyle.

Watch the video below to see the Inuit elders talking about this curious shift in the axis of the Earth.

What do you think about this interesting theory?

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