Monsanto Stops Launch of New Chemical After Users Complain of Rashes

A new product which was set to be launched by Monsanto has been pulled after people complained of ‘rashes’ on people who came into contact with it.


The leading agro-chemical company in the world, Monsanto have been dogged by complaints in the past over their leading product ‘Roundup’.

‘Roundup’ contains the chemical ingredient glyphosate, which has been linked to tumors and has been identified by the World Health Organization as a ‘probable human carcinogen’.

The new product, called NemaStrike was set to be released this week, after apparently passing health and safety checks, but was pulled at the last minute due to the fears that were raised over its safety. The product has been designed to keep worms off corn, soybeans and cotton crops.

The company say that the product had been in development for three years, and 400 people were used as test subjects in the run up to the products grand unveiling.

Brian Naber, U.S. commercial operations lead for Monsanto released a statement concerning the delay in the release of the product, saying: 

“There have been limited cases of skin irritation, including rashes, that appear to be associated with the handling and application of this seed treatment product,”

The product was approved by the FDA and Monsanto say that this is a temporary setback in the launch of the new product they have every faith in.


They have said: 

“The technology is effective and can be used safely when following label instructions,”

Monsanto were sanctioned earlier this year by the E.U government after failing to comply with guidelines over the safety of their products. They were accused of acting of their own accord, and not following rules set in place by the governing bodies.

Nemastrike contains what Monsanto have called “blockbuster technology.”


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