3D-Printed Invention Produces 2 Liters Of Drinking Water Every Hour From Air

An engineering student has invented a machine that can create clean drinking water from thin air.

Many people in developing areas of the world still don’t have access to clean drinking water and an unacceptable number of people every year die from problems associated with drinking dirty water.


Soon that could all be a thing of the past, thanks to Jawwad Patel’s idea.

The machine works by pulling molecules from the air inside, and extracting the water molecules from the air particles, there is water in the air all around us, it is just hard to get at.

The device runs according to the Thomson and Peltier effect, a physics principle in which water is created by cooling and heating the environment.

Perhaps the most amazing part of this story is that the machine was printed using a 3D printer, really putting the limits of this new technology to its most excellent use.

The device is called the ‘Dewdrop‘ and as it pulls in particles from the air, a special filter inside gets rid of the dust and unwanted foreign bodies leaving just pure, clean water.

Credit – Jawwad Patel

The invention could literally be a lifesaver for people who never before will have had access to drinking water.


The machine is lightweight, meaning it is easy to transport and runs off rechargeable li-ion batteries. It can produce up to 1.86 liters of drinking water a day, and when the machine is emptied the whole process starts again.

Jawaad is originally from India  and says he was inspired to create this machine after seeing some of the very poorest people in the Maharashtra region.

He says he has already started making plans for his next invention, a machine that will allow for either hot or cold water to be extracted from the air.

Watch the awesome video of the device below:

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