$6 Million in Donations to Fight Ebola Stolen Through Fraud at the Red Cross

The Red Cross is one of the biggest aid organizations in the world, but they have been dogged with rumors of poor management and corruption right to the top.


The ebola crisis was one of the biggest epidemics the world has ever seen, and it killed thousands of people as it swept through Africa.

The Red Cross themselves put forward the statement in which they admit that in 2014-16 a total of $6 million was ‘lost’ due to corruption within their system.

To deal with the problem, they said they have “rapidly established and expanded offices, deployed staff, and procured significant stockpiles of medical and operational supplies,”

A problem in Sierra Leone where over $2 million was lost has been attributed to a ‘likely collusion’ with staff and a local bank.


Dr. Jemilah Mahmood spoke the Associated Press about the scandal, saying: 

“These cases must not in any way diminish the tremendous courage and dedication of thousands of volunteers and staff during the Ebola response.

They played a critical and widely recognized role in containing and ending the outbreak, and preventing further spread of the Ebola virus internationally.”

He said that preparations had been put in place to recover some of the money: 

“We are pursuing every possible avenue to reclaim all funds that have been misappropriated, diverted, or otherwise illegally taken. This includes working with authorities in affected countries and elsewhere as appropriate.”

The ebola virus was eventually controlled and new outbreaks are hopefully a thing of the past, but the whole crisis could have been dealt with more efficiently and more people would have received better care had the Red Cross been more vigilant with the type of staff they hire.

Via The Anti Media

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