Marijuana Leads to “Complete Remission” of Crohn’s Disease with No Side Effects, New Study Shows

The list of diseases that cannabis has been shown to be effective for treating just keeps on growing, the latest addition – Crohn’s.


Crohn’s disease is an incredibly painful and as yet, incurable condition. People diagnosed with Crohn’s and other IBS related probelms often suffer years of unsuccessful treatments as doctors struggle to get to the root of the problem.

While treatments exist they are inconsistent between patients and many sufferers have been forced to live with the knowledge that their condition may never be treatable.

But new exciting research has shown that there may be a light at the end of the tunnel for Crohn’s sufferers, and the answer lies in cannabis.

In just a few short years, cannabis has gone from being an ‘illegal, taboo drug’ to a cure for many once un-treatable medical conditions.

THC extracted from cannabis plants has been successful in the treating of all manner of conditions such as epilepsy, PTSD and even cancer.

While the science behind the drug is still very new, and test are ongoing as to how and why cannabis is an effective drug, the studies are proving time and again that it DOES work, where other drugs have fallen down.

The study has been published in the Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology journal, documenting the effect the Cannabis sativa plant had on Crohn’s and IBS sufferers.


The study was conducted on 21 Crohn’s disease patients (13 men and 8 women) who has all received unsuccessful treatments for their conditions in the past in the form of steroidal therapy, immunomodulators, or anti-tumor agents.

The group was split into two, with one group being given 115mg of THC in the form of rolled cannabis two times per day, the placebo group were given cannabis without THC.

The study authors noted these amazing results-

  • Complete remission in 5 of 11 subjects in the cannabis THC group
  • Clinical responses in 10 of 11 subjects in the cannabis THC group
    • e.g., their Crohn’s Disease Activity Index went from >200 to >100
  • 3 of 11 subjects in the cannabis THC group were weaned from steroid dependency
  • All subjects in the cannabis THC group reported having improved sleeps and appetites (with no significant side effects)

Of course with every new form of medicine, further test will need to be done in order for the study to be substantiated, but the initial results are overwhelming positive for the study patients and other Crohn’s sufferers.

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