Cops Raid Licensed Chef’s Home, Remove His Cooking Equipment “For Feeding the Homeless…”

Chef who fed the homeless has equipment taken away for breaking the law.

A chef who used his spare time to cook and distribute food to the homeless has had his house RAIDED and all of his equipment taken away.


Khemuel “Chef” Sanders has had his business ruined all because he wanted to help those less fortunate than him, something which the police think is an unacceptable move.

Sanders explained how the cops turned up at his house, confiscated all of cooking equipment and handed him a warning, all because of the food he had made in his own home to give to the homeless.

The authorities bizarre stance on giving food to the poor means that their ‘fear’ that someone might eat contaminated food outweighs the obvious plus points.

Despite the police claiming that they acted in the interest of public safety, their claim is unsubstantiated, as Sanders actually owns a food distribution license, highlighting the hypocrisy on the police’s part.

Sanders said:

“I have my food handlers license. Expires at the end of this month. I was in a restaurant but the owner got in some trouble and shut everything down. It was out of my control that’s the only reason why I was cooking out of my home,”

In the past, police have become heavy handed with regular members of the public, shutting down free food operations in the name of ‘public safety’ but this time they have really put their foot in it.

Sanctioning someone who actually owns a food handling license shows that this isn’t about public safety at all, it’s about the authorities trying their best to prevent homeless peoplereceiving any kind of help from the public.


 Said Lt. Jamie Belcher:

“It’s a health issue with people consuming foods,” “[The Health Department] wants to make sure the food is actually consumable.”

The very fact that the homeless people volunteer to eat the food takes any possible criminal act out of the equation, only when money is exchanged for goods can criminal liability be enforced.

Despite the hypocrisy and upheaval to his entire life, Sanders has remained positive about the situation. He took to his Facebook page to share his feelings and his desperation.

He wrote:

“I’m at the point I’m praying God please please take me,”

His Facebook page became a hotbed of activity with many people debating the unfairness of the situation.

Sanders wrote:

“Good morning fb friends and family. I just need to put this out there. The hate that I seen come across my notifications is hurting me more then me losing my business. It’s sad how some of us as a black generation feel we can make racist remarks and think that’s ok. It’s not right at all for no one to be racist no matter what color you are. God bless….”

Watch the shocking video of the cops raiding Sanders’ house below.

Via The Free Thought Project 

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