Fukushima Has Decimated the Pacific Coast and Will Take Over 16 Million Years for the Contamination to Dissipate

The nuclear fallout from the Fukushima Daiichi disaster was one of the biggest environmental disasters in recent memory, but it seems to have been swept under the rug.

A whole area of Japan was turned into a no-go zone with long-lasting effects for the rest of the world, all because of the negligence of one company.


The disaster completely contaminated the whole of the Pacific Ocean, wiping out whole species of sea-life and poisoning the water. Experts believe it will take 16 million years for the contamination to be gone completely, yet no-one is talking about the disaster. Because it struck in Japan, it doesn’t mean the effects are not being felt in the USA, dead animals are washing up on the shores, contaminated animals are ending up here.

Although the damage cannot be undone, there has at least been action taken against those responsible.

As Chris Summers of Daily Mail writes:

“Earlier this year three executives with the Tokyo Electric Power Company (Tepco) were charged with professional negligence resulting in death and injury.”

“The tsunami killed more than 18,000 people and Fukushima was the worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl, although nobody is believed to have died directly as a result of the failure of the reactor.”

The charge of negligence will not un-pollute the ocean, it will not bring back to life the millions of animals affected. More awareness needs to be raised about the dangers of nuclear contamination, as we are all in it together.


Because of the relatively low amount of nuclear power stations, Americans often think they don’t need to worry about the consequences but a disaster can affect for up to miles around, and often for years after it happens.Ignoring nuclear disasters doesn’t mean they won’t happen to us.

Americans tend to be greatly unprepared for disasters such as this. Important things to note is to always have a good supply of storeable food and water, and make sure your iodine levels are checked.

Predicting the next nuclear disaster is impossible, but at least you can make sure you are prepared for it if the unthinkable happens.

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