It’s Not a Joke! Nestlé Executive Confirmed to Sit on Maine Board of Environmental Protection…

Nestle executive chosen to sit on Maine ‘environmental’ board.

Its not really two things that you would put together – the Nestle company and environmental consideration.


But the Maine authorities have shocked local residents, and perhaps show where their real allegiances lie when they chose corporate Nestle executive for a position on Maine’s Environmental Protection Board.

Nestlé Natural Resource manager Mark Dubois has been dubbed as “Nestlé Waters’ public face in Maine” despite the long standing troubles with Nestle and the way they choose to bottle their water.

Nestle were called out in 2015 when their dubious water-bottling antics were revealed to much disdain.

In California, Nestle decided to tap a local natural water spring, which subsequently robbed the locals of having access to clean, free water. Nestle then decided to solve the problem by offering to sell the water back to the locals at a price of their choosing. Does this sound like the kind of company who hold environmental issues close to their heart?

Opposers to the decision have highlighted a clear conflict of interest between the Nestle official obviously wanting to grow profits for his company and also being able to think constructively about the environment, if he was ever able to do both.

The Sun Journal reports:

“major substantive rules, judges major permit applications of statewide significance and acts as an appeals court for emergency orders issued by the commissioner […]

“Critics of Dubois’ employer — which has been embroiled in high-profile controversies over water pumping deals in Fryeburg and Rumford in recent years — denounced his nomination to the seven-member Board of Environmental Protection, which also is charged with making recommendations on amending the state’s environmental laws.”

“The depth and scope of Nestle’s interest and potential conflicts just doesn’t compare with any of the other individuals serving on the board. This is them stacking the deck,”


Locals have criticized the move as a clear display of allegiance to corporate businesses, instead of being mindful of environmental issues, which you would hope an ‘Environmental Protection Board’ would be eager to protect.

Maine House Representative Bob Duchesne hit back at criticizers of the decision, stating that BECAUSE of Dubois’ position, this makes him an excellent candidate to care about clean water in the state.

Duchense said:

“If there’s a company that’s interested in the cleanest water possible, it’s this one,”

But how about selecting someone who just cares about clean water, and not also the profits of his own business?

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